Gulmarg literally means meadow of flowers. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Well, it almost is. Set against a backdrop of the majestic Himalayan range, this destination is nothing short of a perfect romantic getaway. Visit now to catch the best of the snow-season, and visit again late spring to witness the spectacle of thousands of tulips blooming in the valley.

Couples can enjoy horse riding and can go riding to the magnificent Strawberry Valley, Leopards Valley and ride up to Kongdori to see the frozen lake of Al- Pathar.

In winters, Gulmarg is a brilliant experience, fully covered in a white blanket of Snow which turns it into a skiers paradise. Mother Nature has blessed the regions of Gulmarg with all its showers of beauty and the tranquil atmosphere available presently in this region makes it a best tourist destination to warm up some fuzzy romantic moments.

For the more enthusiastic couples, Gulmarg is globally being touted as the heartland of winter sports in India. The popular ski resort, famous for the slopes of the Afarwat Hills of the Himalayan Pir Panjal range boasts of one of the longest and highest ski slopes in Asia. Mt Afarwat sits comfortably at a height of 13,780 ft. Others visit for trekking, mountain biking, water skiing, and even fishing.

Gulmarg’s gondola, which happens to be the highest in the world, is split into two phases. One must try Gulmarg’s newly constructed Gondola lift through pine-clad slopes. It is an experience of a lifetime.

Gulmarg is a perfect tourist destination for all seasons but the best time to visit is from March to October.

Stay at The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa in Gulmarg.
The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa in Gulmarg.


Three things to try in Gulmarg
To get a taste of authentic Kashmiri Wazwan do try the local eateries in the Main Market. Savour the gastronomical delights of the local cuisine, which consist of an exotic mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food infused with flavour. And later, wash down the rich food with kahwah (green tea).