Swanky interiors, expansive leg space, personalised service, and a luxurious den to walk around in. Check out these private jets that will bring the sparkle to flying. By Dhruv Dave


1) The Hollywood Airship, Embraer Excevutive Jets

This jet is an ode to the golden age of Hollywood. The entryway greets you with a 3D design sculpted in the finest leather, which harkens back to the history of Tinsel Town with images of Howard Hughes, The Sunset Tower & automobiles of the decade. Art deco at it’s most luxurious. Inside you will find small attention to detail from marble tones to crystal sculptures. There’s even drama in the lighting!


Private jets



2) Boeing 787-8 BBJ:

A whopping $224 million, this airline was later customised for another $100 million to better suit the extravagant needs of the anonymous company that calls this their home in the sky. With 2,400 Sq. Ft. of leg space, a master suite with a king sized bed to sink into and a walk in closet and heated marble flooring, it’s better than any home in Mumbai. Why buy a home when you can live in a jet, right?


3) Boeing A340

When you’re a billionaire owner of one of the most famous football teams in the world, you need your own private jet. Roman Abramovich bought this 300-seater to transport his team from game to game. The plane is decorated with gold and also said to feature an anti-missile system to provide addition security to the footballers, and Roman himself when travelling, because you know how much the world hates those dreamy footballers!

 private jets


4) Boeing 747-8 VIP

This is the longest and the second largest airliner ever built. At a heavy $367 milliion pre-customization, the value only increased once the luxurious amenities were installed. While this owner prefers to remain anonymous too, this jet features two separate lounges at par with the finest hotels, an office space, a stately dining room and a bedroom for the long haul flights. Seriously, flying can be so exhausting, especially for the rich.


private jets



5) Boeing 757

Before Trump was president, he still didn’t fly commercial. Controversial president of The U.S of A is no stranger to luxury. His own private jet is his very own Trump Towers in the sky. Quite literally, black and gold façade, leather accents and ostentatiousness like only he knows how. With it’s own bedroom, dining area and a business room where each seat comes with real gold seat-belts.  You know he means business!


Private Jets