Pictures are worth a thousand words. Especially when you’re in Moscow enjoying the FIFA World Cup this year. In a great move to welcome travellers to the city, Moscow government has put up selfie spots in platforms and ticket halls and will soon have special labels marking out the perfect selfie spot. By Anuja Dixit


Moscow government has decided to roll out Green stickers with a camera image and a smiley on it across nine main railway stations. There will be 20 stickers per station in prime spots like waiting rooms, business centers, platforms and entrances marking the ideal camera angle for visitors. How cool is that?



Selfie spots Moscow Railway Station2


The motive is to encourage amateur photography and allow tourists visiting FIFA 2018 to take their first World Cup picture right after stepping off the train. Where Moscow is expecting innumerable visitors on July 14 and 15, all signs at metro stations have been translated to English and floor stickers have been put indicating where they can find the selfie spot. Not only this, the Moscow stations are also preparing to hand maps and guide books to those who choose to arrive by train at Kazan and Leningrad terminus.




There were already some stickers stuck at underground stations and now the authorities claim to have put 190 more green camera labels this week. It looks like Moscow is as excited to receive its visitors as we are about FIFA!