FT_Dilip Kapur_NovemberBorn in Delhi, brought up in Puducherry, studied in the USA… Dilip Kapur, president of Hidesign, has always been on the move. While he loves to tour the world, his frequent visits to the Andamans has made him quite the expert. He shares his island favourites with us. 




My first time here
It was during the monsoons of 1992 and I was probably the only tourist on the beach. Everything about the island was very romantic. Since then, I’ve been to Andamans about nine times. The unbelievable privacy of the island, the most beautiful rainforest, and its pristine beaches make it a fabulous destination. The best part is that Andamans is still beautiful, despite being overrun by package tourism. I would advise one to ideally travel during off season.

Something I bring back every time
I believe in collecting memories. While I see a lot of people take back shells, I’d rather leave them where they belong—on the beaches.

Forest of Andamans_November

An unforgettable experience
To go out and catch a lobster or fish and then, to cook it right there. Heaven!

A restaurant I go to for pleasure
I like to visit Barefoot for a drink and a little sophistication.

My favourite hotel
Barefoot at Beach no 7 is definitely the best place to stay. It is also a great place for setting up meetings.

A spot I keep going back to
Beach no 7 has so much to offer—I can dive and snorkel in the crystal clear waters, or simply sit back and relax with a book.