Do you want to make your canine feel a part of an elite club? There’s now a swanky property called Critterati Club, made especially for them in Gurugram’s DLF Phase IV. By Archana Sharma


Promising a creme de la creme accommodation for your pets, this luxury property of 12,000 sq. ft accommodates your pets when you take off on a holiday. Critterati ensures that your pet looks healthy and gorgeous and has on offer, attractive spa packages that includes pedicures, massages, hair streaking, and complete makeovers. The hotel also houses Friends ‘N’ Fur, India’s first pet cafe, which delivers an unmatched experience to canines.


Critterati also offers a safe environment for pets to socialise in its vast play area. If your dog is the kind that would rather be left alone, there’s the Critterati suite for a quick snooze. Outside, in the resting and relaxing lounge, pets enjoy a movie of their choice while snuggling into a cosy couch or simply take a nap on a comfy sofa. Criterrati Care Castle also houses a swimming pool with water jets where pets love to play. Next time you decide to take off on a holiday, don’t worry aboout your pet missing out on the fun.



Critterati Club