Ever wondered what’s it like to be a chef and dish out finger-licking food by the second? Life for Chef Mohammad Khursheed is sugar, spice and everything nice. Literally! He specialises in Mughlai cuisine and has worked with various upscale hotels in Delhi NCR including The Claridges, New Delhi, Le Meridien New Delhi, and Centaur Hotel, New Delhi prior to his current profile as the Head Chef of Made in India at Radisson Blu MBD Hotel Noida. Radhika Sikaria sat down with the chef for 13 quick questions.



T+L: Which is the dish you call your signature dish?
Chef: Dora Kebab in the non-veg section and Navratan Kebab in the vegetarian section are some of my signature dish. In fact, all the kebabs options in the Made in India menu are my signature dishes.


T+L: Is there a secret ingredient that you love to cook with?
Chef: The secret ingredient is – there is no secret ingredient, the trick is in using just the right amount of the right ingredients for the particular dish.


T+L: Is there a chef you truly admire and why?
Chef: All chef have their own strengths and specialty. If I were to choose one among the many I admire it will be Chef Sultan from ITC for the authenticity and great taste he infuses in his dishes.



Chef Mohammad Khursheed



T+L: Can you take me through your career & what is your strongest strength within the kitchen?
Chef: Before joining Radisson Blu MBD Hotel Noida, I was working at Le Meridian, New Delhi. Prior to that, I spent significant time of my career working in England and the Middle-East.


T+L: What would be your ‘last request’ dish?
Chef: If there will be any ‘last request’ dish, it would be Khamiri roti with Mutton Stew.


T+L: New developments at the restaurant?
Chef: The restaurant is a front-runner in the adoption of new age Indian cooking and we have also re-imagined the presentation of kebabs and main courses at the restaurant.


T+L: How do you develop a menu?
Chef: A menu is a presentation of food and beverage offerings and developing a menu requires taking due consideration of several factors including emerging trends, what competitors are offering and consideration of the taste and preferences of today’s evolving customers.


Chef Mohammad Khursheed



T+L: At Made in India, what would you say is the star dish?
Chef: The Dora Kebab and Nawabi Lukma would be the specialty and the star dish at Made in India.


T+L: How would you describe the flavours of India?
Chef: Spicy, rich, palatable and diverse are terms that are frequently used to describe Indian food. The flavours of India is an amalgamation of the countless flavours emerging from different parts of the country, each so distinct and unique to its source. With all its exotic ingredients and tongue-tingling flavours, Indian cuisine is both exciting and intimidating.