We caught up with Chef Kunal Kapur, who has launched a new restaurant in Dubai, Patiala by Kunal Kapur, and found out what’s cooking in his life.


Q. What are the places that excite the food lover in you?
In Amritsar, food is still very honest and pure. The best of food in Amritsar is on the streets made with pure ghee and oodles of love. It gives me satisfaction of a meal well made. Then there is Australia, a hub for foodies. Being a multicultural country with great produce for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, it is delight for foodies. The country is obsessed with its cafes and innovative restaurants and with such pretty and lively locales, dining is a up notch.

Q. Your three favourite ingredients you like cooking with?
Chocolate, garlic, and lemon.

Q. Name a chef you look up to.
Julia Child. She is someone who told the world anybody can cook and that the greatest of chefs come from home kitchens. Her love for food and cooking is incomparable and her entire life is an inspiration. She simply makes you fall in love with cooking.

Q. One thing you love about your work?
I get to eat the best food in the world all the time.

Q. What’s your favourite city for street food and favourite dish there?
Old Delhi, any time. My favourite dish in this part of the capital is kullar wali kulfi.

Q. A dish you’re most proud of?
Chicken tikka masala—the only dish that the world romanticised with Indian cuisine after tandoori chicken. I feel proud to say it’s an Indian dish with a global appeal.

Q. If you had to eat just one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Karela subzi cooked by mom.

Q. Next holiday destination?
Paris… Is there any better place? I would try French cuisine as much as I can and soak up the style of the city. I love Paris and I plan to spend time my time there shopping, eating, and travelling. It’s a mid-year break for me to recharge myself.