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World's best hi-tech hotels.
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World’s Most Hi-Tech Hotels

It’s clear that card keys and wi-fi were just the beginning. The hotel industry is implementing cutting-edge updates, much to the delight of millennials and technology lovers. If you’re one of them too, swipe right to check in at these most hi-tech hotels around the world.

Jet into the New Year. Courtesy: Dreamstime
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Follow Your Stars: Travel vs Zodiac

You don’t take horoscopes seriously but travel, you do. Time to see what your travel plans for 2016 should be like when it comes to starry predictions. Whether true or not, it will be fun for sure!

Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads by Paul Theroux
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On The Shelf: New Books

The scent of a new book makes our hearts flutter. Even more so when it has new locations and travel experiences. These are the new books to read right now!

Download apps that will make travelling with pets safer and more convenient.
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5 Apps for Travelling With Pets

Make smart choices when you’re travelling with pets. Download these apps that can do everything from keeping them calm during long journeys to taking care of them on the go.