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Madrid Vs Barcelona: Battle of Great Cities

The region of Catalonia is ‘not Spanish.’ This autonomous region has escaped from within Spain’s conspicuous boundaries by asserting itself through every conceivable difference they’ve had—the history and art, language and culture, national flag and holidays, cuisine and of course, football.

Seville in Spain is a cyclist's paradise.
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Seville is Spain’s Cycling Capital

In Spain’s Seville, there is a predominant cycle culture, and the city beckons every traveller to pedal on its quaint tracks. T+L writer Amrita Das recounts that it’s fun, exhilarating, and reminds her of home.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway’s steam train. Courtesy of Welcome to Yorkshire
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Cotswolds and Yorkshire’s Best Drives

Cotswolds and Yorkshire are not just about gentle hills, glorious villages, and old mansions anymore. Anand Kapoor sets out on a driving holiday and discovers stylish boutiques, vibrant cafes, Michelin-starred restaurants, and several charming villages.

Living it up in Tel Aviv.
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Living It Up In Tel Aviv

Israel’s city of Tel Aviv is the City of Cool—modern, vibrant, and cosmopolitan. Kalpana Sunder has imprinted on her mind the city’s coastline, coffee, food, architecture, and rich heritage.

Hope your next travel takes you to the gorgeous Aosta Valley.
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White Magic in Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley is a plush secret long privy to European cognoscenti. But even if you aren’t ready to ski up a storm swathed in Prada, it serves up Michelin-starred pampering and an alluring après-ski scene.

Panoramic view of Israel.
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Trending Now: Israel

Apart from interesting art and culture-hungry tourists, Israel is now also attracting luxury and gourmet travellers with its fantastic food and wine, and stylish cities.

Iceland is quickly becoming a favourite of travellers.
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Do Iceland Our Way

Iceland has been attracting filmmakers and tourists. If you’re not too sure where to start the adventure, here’s a list to add to your itinerary.

Lake Naivasha in Kenya.
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The Rippling Lake Naivasha in Kenya

The beautiful freshwater Lake Naivasha in Kenya is serene and virgin, but often overlooked by tourists for the more popular Lake Nakuru National Park. Read as writer Kalpana Sunder pulls into the waters for an ‘Out of Africa’ experience.

The best sports bars in South Africa. Courtesy of Getty Images
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T+L Picks: Sports Bars in South Africa

From fine wines to craft beers, from cricket to rugby, South Africans are known for their love of sports and spirits. It is not surprising that they have some of the most vibrant sports bars and pubs in the world where the atmosphere is as dynamic as are the patrons.

Champagne region.
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Medieval Magic in Champagne

Deep in the valleys of the French frontier, T+L writer Siddharth Dasgupta begins to suspect that the soul of the country might well lie far away from its celebrated cities.

Africa’s Most Glamorous Camps
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Africa’s Most Glamorous Camps

Amidst some of the most exploited natural regions of Kenya, find out how exceptional Safari properties have made being green very glamorous and profitable. Protecting wildlife and wilderness and profiting the tribals co-exists with ethical and elegant tourism.

The Best Way To See The Galapagos

The Best Way To See The Galapagos

Discover the Galapagos Islands where Darwin found inspiration for his evolution theory; drift past whales, sea lions, and giant tortoise; go snorkelling with fishes and sea turtles—all this while on board a comfortable Ocean Adventures vessel that gives you incredible access to nature and wildlife.

The landscape of Ireland will leave you breathless.
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Top 6 Adventure Ideas in Ireland

Wakeboarding, archery, the Giant’s Causeway, stomach-churning drives, sea safari, body zorbing, pontoon jumping, and windsurfing—Ireland can be an adrenaline-pumping adventure sans the countryside, autumn flowers, and rolling hills.

The Unmissable in Matterhorn

The Unmissable in Matterhorn

Matterhorn has the history of the mountain sprinkled over it—from T-shirts and brand advertisements with Matterhorn puns to history books and brochures. This is our guide to what to do in this beautiful Swiss town.