Dare to go bare? Cast aside your clothes and walk on the white talcum sand and secluded shores of these beautiful beaches around the world. Just remember gawking and taking pictures is a big NO! By Anuja Dixit


1. Tahiti Beach – St. Tropez, France


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Tahiti beach, France is one of the best nude beaches in Europe. Located on the St. Tropez peninsula, this exquisite shoreline offers picturesque views set amidst the opulent surroundings. Keep in mind the beach is not easy to find. But hey, fret not if you’re a pro at using GPS.


2. Orient Beach- St. Martin


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Orient beach in the Caribbeans is a family-friendly and clothing-optional beach with beach bars, restaurants and white sand beaches stretching across 2 miles. Visitors usually start from the covered-up side and then migrate to being au naturel.


3. Es Cavallet Beach – Ibiza, Spain


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This dune lined island has an array of beaches waiting for you. The ultimate escape for party animals, the beaches here are for the free spirited and the wild!


4. Little Beach – Maui Hawaii


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There is a bit trek to reach the Little Beach of Hawaii. To reach this popular beach of Hawaii one has to pass the rocky path with outcropping lava. But the reward will be an incredibly scenic spot totally worth it!  You can also find dancers and drummers if you plan to visit on Sunday.


 5. Haulover Beach – Miami, Florida


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This mile-and-a-half-stretch Miami beach is perfect if you wish to go skinny dipping. This only-legal nude beach in the sunshine state has life guards, shaded picnic spots and a concession spot. Its not far from South Beach known for its trendy hotels like the Delano.


6. Grand Salines Beach- St. Barthelemy


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Looking for a raw beach experience? Grand Slaines Beach in St. Barthelemy is the best choice. The beach is nearly uninhabited and doesn’t have restaurants, cafes or hotels along. Probably that’s what’s really appealing about this locale.


7. Lady Bay Beach – Sydney


8 Best nude beaches


Lady Bay Beach is also well known as Lady Jane Beach among the masses. It is the country’s best nude beach on the peninsula in Sydney National Park. It’s popular among the LGBTQ community, but hey, there is no “NO” for others either. Watson Bay Hotel near the beach known for its excellent restaurant. But make sure your clothes are on before you venture inside.


8. Black’s Beach, La Jolla, California


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Black’s Beach, La Jolla is a legal nude beach in the United States. Standing at 300 ft., this one has sandstone cliffs. However, beware of the nudity laws here before you galavant in your birthday suit.