Photograph by Akshay Sabale
Film and theatre actor Kalki Koechlin.

Actor Kalki Koechlin views travel as the means to a better self. “It means taking time to live. We get so caught up in the duties of our job, our rent, our family, that we forget to enjoy each other’s company, to meet people who live at a different pace and who have different ideals or ambitions. Travel helps you be kinder and happier,” she surmises. For the lauded film and theatre actor, a recent trip to Karuna Farms, an organic outpost situated in the hills of Kodaikanal, confirmed just that. “It was just all my closest friends and it came at a time in my life where I needed comforting,” she reveals. “There was no phone network or internet, only complete peace accentuated by rock pools, stunning views, trekking and nights filled with singing and playing guitar by campfire. We would dance all night and see the sun rise.” While the experience helped Kalki reconnect with her friends while spending time away from her hectic schedule in Mumbai, it also led to an outpouring of creativity. “Everything in life inspires an actor, and this particular trip made me write more, express my thoughts and views more. Not long after it, I wrote the monologue that I performed at the India Today conclave.”