When you’re in Switzerland, it is awfully easy to live out your teenage fantasy of the quintessential European getaway—verdant meadows, dramatic Alpine landscapes in the distance, meandering streets dotted with quaint cottages, the aroma of fondue lingering in the air, and coquettish cows grazing nonchalantly in the pastures. And when you’re tucked away in a gorgeous castle-like hotel, breathtakingly situated on a hill above the city, it only enhances the reverie. But, if the antique passageways of this castle are dotted with works by Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and Camille Pissaro, well, something just might pique your interest there. The Dolder Grand is just that—a luxurious heritage hotel, which moonlights as one of the world’s largest modern art hotel-galleries. Delving into the Dolder’s archives, dating back to 1899, would reveal its illustrious guest list, featuring names like Henry Kissinger, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, and Liz Taylor. In recent times, the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Prince William, David Cameron, and Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted taking the famous art walks through The Dolder Grand.