Stay warm this season with our top favourite winter delights. Winters bring the best in fresh vegetables and crisp fruits, and Indian cuisine’s roots in Ayurveda mean they have great health benefits for the season. Nuts like almonds and cashews help the body stay warm from within; winter vegetables like radishes, carrots and pumpkins build immunity with a host of vitamins. Creamy and milky sweets help keep your skin and hair soft and youthful. And best of all, these Indian delicacies are rich and comfort-oriented — best enjoyed while being ensconced in a blanket with your family in front of the telly, or munching on long drives, or while enjoying the winter sun at a Mela or your neighbourhood market. Here’s a list of amazing food that you can’t miss during an Indian winter.

The yummy sweet treat is certainly the winner of this slot. You just can’t complete your dinner without a katori full of gajar ka halwa at the end. The lovely sunset orange itself makes you want to forget your diet and just dig into it!!It tastes as sweet as it sounds.Yet another munching option. A tasty one at that. The crunchy peanuts set in slabs of sweet jaggery syrup… just what you need to eat after your lunch.Packed with all the necessary minerals, this delight is a wholesome goodness that your mother has always sworn by.Have them hot, or have them cold, it doesn't matter as long as they are melting away in your mouth!Talking of Indian winter and no mention of our famous masala chai? A sin in itself, indeed! Made with ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and tulsi (holy basil) brewed with tea leaves; it is undoubtedly our favourite from the list!A treat for the meat lovers and everybody's favourite. It is made in almost all the non-vegetarian households in winter. This delicious soup not only is healthy, nutritious and warming but also very very smooth and tasty.Originated in the south indian regions, no one can deny the vitality and need of hot soups in winter. This very much Indian soup from south of India, made with tomatoes, garlic etc.  A warm, delicious and tangy treat for everyday, it is also very health beneficiary!The steaming hot saag with lots of home made butter and a jagger piece at the side is just perfect for any winter night! It also helps to keep you warm.The most common dish served in the winters, specially in the northern regions like Delhi, tandoori Murgh is a healthy delicious option to serve at weddings and parties.Unbelievingly simple, this Gujrati dish is a must for all vegetarian homes in winter season. Made with a mix of all the seasonal veges, this is really a very healthy and tasty dish.Paired up with mint chutney, it calls for a perfect winter snack.