Don’t believe those who tell you that Dubai’s only good for shopping. There’s some super fun, authentic and off-beat experiences this city offers that you won’t find elsewhere. Here is our top 10 choices.

  1. Try flavoured or normal camel milk: It is slightly salty, very heavy, and apparently very healthy.
  2. See dates on an actual date tree.
  3. Withdraw money from an ATM made of gold: Dubai loves its gold and they have made ATM machines out of it!
  4. Buy some Itar: Another name for a perfume. Try some of their local Itars. The fragrance of these Itars is very different, long-lasting and really unique.
  5. The abayas here are clearly a fashion statement and a visit to some of the stores in the malls is a must to truly understand what I mean. Some abayas are studded with Swarovskis.
  6. Visit the Basement of the Wafi City Mall: Though this mall has lost many of its customers to various other newer malls, it is still one beautiful mall. A visit to their souk in the basement is like an authentic trip in the day-to-day lives of Arabs of many lifetimes ago. A definite must visit.
  7. Spice Souk: Spend a leisurely morning chasing the drifting smells of aromatic spices – you can find everything from turmeric and chilli to vanilla, saffron, and exquisite potpourri blends here. Make sure you pick up a box or two of local dates. They’re sweet to a fault and make the perfect gift for friends back home.
  8. Shawarmas in Karama: Visit one of the local shawarma joints in Karama. Our favourite is the Al Reef Lebanese Bakery and Roastery.
  9. Walk on the quiet stretch of Jumeirah Beach: If all that food has left you too full to explore the city, spend a lazy evening unwinding at Jumeirah Beach. The public stretch of the beach is extremely crowded throughout the day, so we suggest driving out of the city centre to find a quiet spot. If you’re lucky, you might have a stretch of the beach all to yourself- stick around till sunset, it is spectacular.
  10. See the local ‘international auto show’: You would not be faulted for mistaking the roads in Dubai for one big auto show. You can see lots of motor eye candy for the car and bike enthusiasts as Dubai has the combination of cheap fuel, low international taxes and lots of wealthy residents. If there’s one city in the world you can see the latest and most expensive cars from brands like Ferrari, Porche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Alpha Romeo, etc, it’s here.